Causes Of Sudden Temporary Blindness

Causes Of Sudden Temporary Blindness

Temporary blindness is a common condition than most people would imagine. Several patients in different age groups experience it. People, who experience the temporary blindness, say that it is like a gray and black state that lasts for a few minutes, or sometimes for a few hours.

A person may suffer a single episode of it or several episodes of it one single day.However, temporary blindness is not related to vision directly. There is always a precursor to the condition. It cannot be categorized as problem related to the eyes. There is some inherent problem in the body causing the eyes and vision circuit to shut down.

Ischemia is one of the most common reasons for people to suffer from temporary blindness. It affects the visual system, and several patients actually say they had a vision loss before suffering an ischemic stroke.

In conditions like strokes, there is a severe shortage of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body. As a result, the eyes may also suffer. Vision loss is a common complaint even in heart strokes and muscle disorders. Any condition that is associated with restricting the oxygen and blood flow to the various parts of the body can lead to vision loss also. Vision loss can also occur before a complete blackout.

This type of blindness usually lasts only for a few seconds in a patient. It is interesting to note that while a person is suffering from sudden temporary blindness, he or she is conscious and wondering what is wrong with their vision.

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Causes Of Sudden Temporary Blindness
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