Treatment For Cortical Blindness  

Cortical blindness is the type of blindness that occurs due to a problem in the brain. It is a condition that creates the lack of visual functioning due to improper cortical functioning. People, who have eyes that function normally and are perfectly alright, can still have cortical blindness.

Neurological impairment and cortical visual impairment are some of the names that describe this condition. The cortical vision impairment is characterized based on the part of the brain that has been affected.The prognosis to determine cortical blindness can be an extremely difficult one as no CT scan can reveal it or confirm it. Cortical blindness can be diagnosed only when you visit the doctor for an eye checkup about your blindness, and after ruling out any other problem with the eye, the doctor might suspect a problem in the cortical area of the brain. Cortical blindness can be treated effectively because the eyes are functioning normally. There is several vision stimulating exercises that help a person. The chances of recovery from cortical blindness are higher in children compared to adults.  

Some of the vision stimulating exercises, as a part of the treatment, also include feeling and touching various materials and trying to recognize them. The brain has to be trained to recognize various things in the case of cortical blindness. Eventually one might learn to tell the difference between hard and soft materials by looking. Identification of colors can perhaps happens after a long time as there is no way to feel or touch a color.

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Treatment For Cortical Blindness



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