What Is Inattentional Blindness ?

What Is Inattentional Blindness ?

Inattentional blindness is a type of blindness where the person cannot see things that are actually present there. It is also called perceptual blindness. This happens because the person cannot perceive the object in the mind.

For example, if you are looking at the pen and cannot identify it as a pen and therefore cannot find it, then it is called inattentional blindness.This condition is mainly caused due to the way our brain sees, recognizes and processes information. It is caused due to the lack of attention, and in such a case you cannot call for attention either. However, the brain limits the amount of information processed during that time period, and the objects do not register properly causing this type of blindness.

The problem in this condition is with the visual stimuli where the eye is facing a serious lack of stimulus, and connection or relativity of objects from the brain. This condition is curable through therapy and various vision stimulation activities. The after effects of therapy would be very similar to a blind person who has gained vision after losing their eye sight.

The visual stimulus, while they have the condition, does not allow the person to identify the objects even when they can see it, and it causes a perpetual blindness. The actual reason or cause of this blindness is not known. However, doctors believe that it could be a problem in the perception area of the brain. Inattentional blindness is very rare condition. When people are preoccupied thinking about something, sometimes this condition occurs.

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