Benefits Of Early Cataract Surgery

Benefits Of Early Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a condition that clouds the vision in the lens of the eye. The lens becomes murky and therefore, you cannot see anything due to it. Most people develop cataracts as a result of age.

Older people are more prone to the condition than anyone else. By the time a person turns 80, the chances of developing cataract are very high. More than 50 percent of the Americans in this age group have undergone cataract surgery. A cataract can affect one eye or sometimes both the eyes.

Every eye has lens which is clear, and helps to get the focus of light, and allows it to pass through. The retina is behind the lens and is light sensitive. Once the light reaches the retina, here it is changed into nerve signals and is sent to the brain. However, for the retina to receive the light, these lenses should be clear. When they are not clear, the condition is called cataract.

There are several types of cataract. Secondary cataract is a condition that develops due to other surgeries like glaucoma for example. This can happen at any age. A traumatic cataract is a condition that develops in due to an eye injury. The person would realize this only a few years later. A congenital cataract is a condition that is found in babies and children as they are born with it. A radiation cataract is caused due to exposure to some undesired kinds of radiation. When a person is beyond 60 and has developed cataract, it is a normal process and is attributed to aging.

Getting early cataract surgery will improve the quality of your vision and life.

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Benefits Of Early Cataract Surgery
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