How To Treat Dry Eyes Naturally ?

How To Treat Dry Eyes Naturally ?

Dry eyes is a very common problem faced by millions of people. It can occur as a result of allergies, blepharitis or other health problems.

Although the condition does not adversely affect eyesight, it can be uncomfortable to live with constant eye irritation. Also, chronic dry eyes can have a negative impact on eyesight as it causes wearing away of the cornea.While there are many prescription medications to handle dry eyes, a lot of people prefer to treat dry eye naturally as they do not want to risk putting chemicals into their eyes. Here some methods on how to treat dry eyes naturally.

  • Castor oil has been used for centuries to combat dry eyes. Its moisturizing properties bring instant relief. All you need to do is add one drop of castor oil in each eye twice a day.
  • Sometimes due to eye infections, the lipid content in tears becomes too thick for the tears to flow out of the tear duct. Using warm compress several times a day will help to unplug the clogged tear ducts and allow normal flow of tears into the eye.
  • Dry climate can be responsible at times for dry eyes. Having a humidifier in the house will help to combat dry eyes caused due to this environmental factor.
  • In case the city you live in has constant dry air and wind, then you can wear wraparound sunglasses. This helps to create a film of moisture around the eyes and as a result increase moisture content in the eyes.

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How To Treat Dry Eyes Naturally
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