Glaucoma History

Glaucoma History

The term glaucoma is derived from the ages of Hippocrates. Glaucoma signifies a greenish substance, or literally means the color of the sea water which was green. Hirschberg disputes the color saying it was blue.

However, the first civilization to find out the condition was the ancient Grecian civilization.Hypochauma and glaucosis are synonyms, and both of them referred to cataract as a condition. Greek writers also distinguished two different conditions at that time. One was hypochyma, which was a curable condition, and the other was glaucoma, which was non curable. Glaucoma was perhaps one of the first eye diseases to be found along with cataract, and also physicians were unable to cure it unlike cataract.

However, since historic times, physicians appeared to have made observations always about the condition. Sometimes, the condition also existed along with a green cataract. Glaucoma was always described as a blinding disease, or it disappeared on its own and vanished. However, the glaucoma of today is a chronic disease, and in spite of surgically removing it, it still recurs. Also, glaucoma is not a condition by itself, but a grouped of conditions causing it. There are several things and factors that could be causing glaucoma.

Even in historic times there was no specific entity for glaucoma. Even though ancient Greek physicians understood it as a condition that mostly occurred in the elderly, it was called the blinding disease. It first blinded one eye, and eventually blinded the other eye also.

Most of these details were gathered from the writings of Hippocrates.

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