How Is Glaucoma Inherited ?

How Is Glaucoma Inherited ?

There are several conditions that human beings are affected with, and many of them could actually be inherited including diabetes and glaucoma.

The human body is made up of a full set of genes and that is what makes it possible to study the defective gene, and also how a certain condition is caused. It is possible to find out which set of genes is causing a condition like glaucoma.

In a recent study and evaluation, it was found that if the same set of defective genes were passed down to the off spring, then they are also susceptible to inheriting glaucoma. Whether glaucoma is caused or do they suffer from it is not certain yet. However, the defective gene is present in their body.

Glaucoma is not present in several individuals from birth, and it occurs much later in life. It is possible that there are some environmental factors, and also lifestyle factors that could be causing the gene to activate leading to glaucoma. The explanation for glaucoma as a disease is very unclear, and also it is always discussed as a group of diseases.

Through experiments, it was found that some specific forms of glaucoma are inherited. However, what onsets the disease is very unclear, and that is why no confirmed decisions have been made on the researches so far. It is possible that humans may inherit an increased risk for developing the disease and not the disease by itself. The exact genes causing the disease are yet to be found through research.

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