Eye Disease Symptoms  

Eye Disease Symptoms

There are several kinds of eye diseases, and several kinds of symptoms that are related to them. Some of them may just irritate the eyes and cause some discomfort, while others may cause more serious problems like loss of vision. The most common kind of eye problems experienced by people are cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and retinal disorders.More...


Causes Of GlaucomaCauses Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition that is caused by the pressure inside the eye. There are two kinds of liquids or fluids in the eye. One is the aqueous humor, and the other is the vitreous humor. In a normal eye, both these fluids have to be produced and drained out regularly in a cyclic fashion. It is when the ducts are blocked and the fluids are not draining, the problem occurs. The pressure builds up inside the eye, and leads to a condition called glaucoma. It can become dangerous when the pressure builds up too much.More...


Effect Of Astigmatism On Vision

Effect Of Astigmatism On Vision

Astigmatism is a vision related problem. The condition directly affects vision, and causes blurry images and least clarity in sight for the person suffering from it. A person with astigmatism has tired eyes, and due to this the images that they see always seem wavy or blurred.More...


Treatment For Cortical Blindness

Treatment For Cortical Blindness        Cortical blindness is the type of blindness that occurs due to a problem in the brain. It is a condition that creates the lack of visual functioning due to improper cortical functioning. People, who have eyes that function normally and are perfectly alright, can still have cortical blindness. Neurological impairment and cortical visual impairment are some of the names that describe this condition. The cortical vision impairment is characterized based on the part of the brain that has been affected.More...




Eye Disease:

Eye-Diseases-That-Cause-Blindness      There are several eye diseases that are common, and some are very serious. The serious eye conditions can eventually lead to blindness if neglected. Some of the most common eye diseases are related to aging, and they usually tend to show up in old age only. More..




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