Can Nearsightedness Be Prevented ?

Can Nearsightedness Be Prevented ?

Can nearsightedness be prevented is an argument that is going on for years between eye doctors and researchers. Nearsightedness, known as myopia medically, is a refractive error with the eye where the affected eye sees blurred images in the distance.

Depending on the severity of the error, a person with nearsightedness can see thing clearly at a particular point that is close.When a person is nearsighted, the axial length of is decreased. Axial length refers to the distance from the front of the eye to the back. This length is longer in people with normal vision.

Some scientists and doctors feel that nearsightedness is hereditary, while others believe that it is due to problems related with the environment and behavior. If the medical community and the scientists agree on one theory, then we can get the answer whether nearsightedness can be prevented or not.

If nearsightedness is caused due to hereditary, then it goes without saying that it cannot be prevented. We have no control over our genes. Hence, this eye defect cannot be prevented. However, if the refractive error causing nearsightedness is due to environment or certain behavioral aspects, then these can be controlled or regulated, and thereby preventing the onset of nearsightedness.

Reading and other activities that require eyes to be close to things are said to contribute to nearsightedness. Also, there is sufficient scientific evidence to show that nearsightedness is more prevalent in higher educated people than people with less education. Professionals like lawyers, accountants and computer programmers usually suffer from nearsightedness. Also, studies have shown that the activities in modern society have the ability to change the focal length of a healthy eye irrespective of genes. Therefore, we do not engage in these activities, we have the potential to prevent nearsightedness. Instead, we should engage in activities that involve movements and where the eyes are constantly being exercised through the movements.

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