Exercises To Correct Nearsightedness

Exercises To Correct Nearsightedness

Many people suffer from nearsightedness, and not all of them want to corrective eyeglasses to cure the condition. The good news is that there are series of exercises that these people can do to correct nearsightedness.

The exercises to correct nearsightedness tend to help the eye muscles relax.Here are some exercises to correct nearsightedness that you will find extremely helpful:

  • The first exercise is rolling of the eyes. Sit down and roll the eyes first clockwise and then counter clockwise. Between each roll, you need to blink. This exercise should be done 5 times.
  • Take a pencil and hold it at a one-arm's length at eye level in front of you. Slowly bring the pencil close to your eyes until the pencil goes out of focus. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.
  • Sit in front of a blank wall and then pretend you are using your eyes to write on the wall. Do not move your head. Try to write big letters as this will be more beneficial for the eyes.
  • Focus for several seconds at an object that is placed 150 feet from you. Immediately then focus on an object that is kept around 25 feet from you. Then refocus on the distant object. This exercise should be done a minimum of 4 times.
All the above mentioned exercises to correct nearsightedness are very easy and can be done at home or at your workplace. If you them several times a day, you will definitely improve your myopia.

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Exercises To Correct Nearsightedness
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