Surgery For Nearsightedness

Surgery For Nearsightedness

There are many different types of surgery for nearsightedness that are available today. The surgeries can change the shape of the cornea and help to ensure that the light falls directly on the retina instead of falling in front of it.

Nearly all types of nearsightedness can be cured by means of surgery. However, pathological nearsightedness cannot be rectified through surgery.The main aim of surgery for nearsightedness is to ensure that people suffering from myopia, as nearsightedness is known medically, do not have to wear corrective lenses to see things clearly. Usually the result after surgery ensures a 20/40 vision, which is satisfactory even for the doctors. These people can then drive cars without the aid of corrective lens.

Today, laser surgery for nearsightedness is preferred over all the other types. This type of surgery ensures that the recovery time is fast. Also, most of these surgeries are virtually pain-free. Here are some of the laser surgeries that are common for curing nearsightedness:

  • LASIK, or laser in-situ keratomileusis, is the most common surgery used to correct nearsightedness in the US. Also, it has a high rate of success, and can be used to correct any form of myopia from low to severe nearsightedness. The recovery time is fast, and the post-operative pain is also not that bad.
  • Photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK, is another corrective surgery for myopia. The success rate of this surgery is also quite high, and like LASIK, PRK can also be used to correct low to severe nearsightedness. Similar to PRK, is another correct surgery known as LASEK or laser epithelial keratomileusis. Both the surgeries are performed in the same manner.
  • Radial keratotomy is primarily used to correct low to moderate nearsightedness. However, the popularity of this surgery has reduced even since LASIK and PRK have been introduced.
  • Corneal ring implants have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. Here corneal rings are implanted in the eye to change the shape of the cornea. This surgery is usually used to cure mild myopia.
  • Intraocular lens implants are basically used to correct severe nearsightedness. However, this procedure can also be used to correct moderate nearsightedness. It involves implanting contact lenses in the eyes.

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Surgery For Nearsightedness
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