What Is Nearsightedness ?

What Is Nearsightedness ?

People suffering from nearsightedness cannot see object far away in a clear manner. The objects appear blurred and out of focus. The person would have to squint in order to see the object clearly.

Nearsightedness is not a disease. It is a condition where the natural shape of the eyeball changes from round to egg-shaped. However, at times, this condition can also be caused due to changes in the cornea or the lens of the eye.When a person is nearsighted, the light entering into the eye tends to fall in front of the retina rather than directly on the retina. This occurs due to change in the shape of the eyeball. This is the reason why the person can see nearby objects clearly, but not objects at a distance.

People suffering from nearsightedness will have problems looking at objects placed at a distance. The objects will look blurred, and they will not be able to words on a blackboard and images on a movie screen or television. Usually nearsightedness, also known as myopia, can affect a person's performance at work or school. In addition, due to blurred vision, the person will not take part in extracurricular activities. 

If you want to find out whether you are nearsightedness, you can visit an optometrist to get your eyes tested. Using vision tests and checking your eyes using ophthalmoscopy and tonometry, the optometrist will be able to tell you. This just a routine eye checkup, there is nothing invasive about any of the tests.

It has been seen that myopia tends to develop mostly during childhood or when the child enters his teens. However, if you are squinting to see distant objects, you could very well be suffering from nearsightedness, which can be corrected using corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. For moderate to severe myopia surgery is also used to correct the condition.

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