Cure And Treatment Of A Heart Attack

Cure And Treatment Of A Heart Attack

A heart attack is medically referred to as myocardial infarction. The reason a heart attack occurs is because the blood cannot reach a certain part of the heart. When this happens, the heart tissue in the affected portion is deprived of oxygen and important nutrients, resulting in the tissue necrotizing and dying.

Majority of the heart attacks are caused due to coronary artery disease. It takes time for coronary artery disease to develop and is caused due to plaque formation along the walls of the arteries. This causes the arteries to narrow in diameter and the heart has to work harder to supply oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body. When the plaque inadvertently breaks away from the wall of the artery, it causes a blood clot to form which can block the flow of blood through the affected artery result in a heart attack.

So, what is the cure and treatment of a heart attack should a person suffer from one? The first thing that the person needs is stabilizing his or her condition as heart attack is a life-threatening situation. The person should be taken to the hospital immediately where his or her condition will be stabilized by giving them oxygen and anti-coagulants to prevent formation of blood clots. The patient could also be given nitroglycerin tablets to lessen the load on the heart and allow the blood to flow without obstruction.

A confirmed diagnosis is made via an electrocardiogram, blood tests and/or coronary angiography. It is only after the diagnosis does the treatment of heart attack begins.

The cure and treatment of a heart attack begins with prescribing medications to thin the blood, dissolve blood clots, bring down the blood pressure, alleviate the pain and bring the heart beat back to normal. Depending on the person's condition, he or she may have to have a non surgical procedure or a surgical one to open up the artery that is blocked.

Thereafter, the person will have a recovery phase wherein he or she will have to be very particular about their diet, exercise and lifestyle. These will also be important after the recovery to ensure that another heart attack does not occur.

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Cure And Treatment Of A Heart Attack