Muscle Pull And Chest Pains  

The cause of chest pain can range from ordinary, benign muscle pull to serious condition such as cardiac attack ultimately leading to death. Muscle pull or muscle strain is a condition in which muscles are injured due to traumatic pulling of muscle fibers.

Pulled chest muscle symptoms will either refer to a muscular injury or terrible tendon injury. There can be variety of reasons for muscle pulled in chest. The primary reason for pulled chest muscle is that it has been strained during a physical exercise or it has been twisted or pulled while lifting heavy object. This type of chest pain hurts when you touch the chest and it takes time to recover.

Any quick sudden movement during workout causes a muscle to extend beyond its reach and tear. For example, while doing chest exercise like bench presses your muscle will incur micro tears in the muscle fibers. This will result in varying degrees of tenderness, pain, stiffness and possibly swelling. The problem starts when you continue to train on injured muscle, ignoring any pulled chest muscle symptoms, and create even more dangers. Any injury to musculotendinous junction (the area where the biceps, deltoids and pectoral tendons meet) will produce symptoms such as acute pain on active movement and pain and restriction on passive movements.

In majority of cases, you will know within a day if you have suffered a pulled chest muscle. Although sometimes the pain may not spark off immediately, you will experience an acute pain upon any attempt of physical movement or strain within the chest area. A pulled chest muscle can be put into different levels of severity, similar to burn injury. The first level grade 1 is when you feel tense and uncomfortable. Grade 2 pulled chest muscle can be diagnosed by moderate chest pain that can suppress your physical activity. The last and the most severe level, grade 3 pulled chest muscle, shows signs of intolerable pain, cramp, hurting and abnormal protuberance.

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Muscle Pull And Chest Pains




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