What Can I Do To Stop Macular Degeneration

What Can I Do To Stop Macular Degeneration ?

Macular degeneration can be very frightening for people who have it. This is the deterioration of the macula, the center of the retina which allows us to fine details clearly and allows us to do daily tasks like threading a needle, reading and driving. Macular degeneration usually progresses slowly and initially you may not notice any change in your vision.

However, as the disease progresses, you will start seeing things blurry and distorted. When macular degeneration reaches an advanced stage, you will lose your vision completely.

So, what can I do to stop macular degeneration? At the moment, there is little hope for people who are looking to stop macular degeneration. The treatment options that are available help to further loss of vision but do nothing to improve or restore the vision.

One of the most popular drugs used to stop macular degeneration is Lucentis. It is recently been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and it in clinical trials, the drug has shown that it can improve vision. But as such there is no treatment method available to cure macular degeneration.

At the moment two treatment methods are available for macular degeneration. The first treatment method is the use of antioxidants and zinc supplements. This slows the progress of the disease and as a result moderately helps to reduce vision loss.

The second treatment option is treating the choroidal neovascularization which occurs in wet macular degeneration. Here blood vessels grow from the retina under the macula and since they are weak, the blood vessels rupture leaking out blood and fluids which raises the macula out of its position leading to wet macular degeneration. You can treat wet macular degeneration through laser treatment or using FDA approved drugs like Lucentis or macugen.

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What Can I Do To Stop Macular Degeneration