Is Loss Of Memory During Manic Depression Common

Is Loss Of Memory During Manic Depression Common ?

Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is disorder wherein the person has severe mood swings. These episodic mood swings are referred to phases, as they can last for weeks together. It is estimated that around 5.7 million people suffer from manic depression in the United States, according to Bipolar Disorder Living, a website dedicated to information on this mental illness. Along with the mood swings, there are patients that also suffer from loss of memory.

So, is loss of memory during manic depression phases common? According to Bipolar Disorder Living, this is a common symptom, especially if the person's family has a history of mood disorders. However, for loss of memory to be one of the main symptoms of this mental illness, many other factors come into play, such as the state of the person's mind and what medications he/she is taking. Primarily, memory loss occurs when the manic depression is left untreated.

It has been observed that memory loss in patients suffering from manic depression is related to the lifestyle choices that the patients make. Usually, if a patient gets support from friends and family, it will help them to cope with the illness, which, in turn, will improve the quality of life and also have an impact on the amount of memory loss the person suffers from. If the person performs mental exercises regularly, it will help to reduce the memory loss.

Ironically, the medications used to treat manic depression are also responsible for causing memory loss. One of the most common medications is lithium, and its side effects include memory loss and problems in thinking. Another medication, benodiaepine, used to treat anxiety can also result in memory problems and confusion.

Generally, thos suffering from manic depression tend to face memory issues during manic phases. This is primarily because the person's thinking process is not what it should be. It is quite likely that after this phase subsides, the person will not know what happened during it, as during the manic phase a person is hyperactive and have thoughts racing through their minds. The mind just cannot cope with this huge influx of thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, during the depressive phase, the person ends feeling worthless and as a result, they suffer from memory problems, such as forgetting to brush their teeth or take a shower. They just feel life is not worth it.

So, it can be said that loss of memory during manic depression is a common occurrence among patients albeit for different reasons. It could be due to medication, manic phase or depressive phase.

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Is Loss Of Memory During Manic Depression Common