What Is Osteoporosis ?

What Is Osteoporosis ?

A condition in which the bone becomes brittle and fragile is termed as ‘Osteoporosis’. This causes the probability of fractures to bones in any part of the body to become higher.

This condition occurs when the bones start to loose essential minerals like calcium at a faster pace than their replenishment. This causes reduction in the density of the bones. This loss if mass makes a small fall or accident cause severe fractures.

This condition can affect bones in any part of the body. But the commonly affected ones are wrist, hip, spine, upper arm, pelvis and ribs. This condition is often referred to as ‘Silent Disease’ since this condition has no apparent symptoms and it comes out only when the individual suffers a fracture.

Some effects of fractures due to osteoporosis include weakness in muscles, a change in the posture, and deformity of the spinal bone or loss in height.

If this condition is left undetected or untreated, it van lead to fracture of bones in the body. A fracture in the hip will invariably require hospitalization and surgery. When hip fractures are left unattended, it can result in disability in walking or even death.

Some early symptoms of this condition include pain in the joints, difficulty in standing, loss in posture and appearance of an apparent stooping position in the elders.

It takes several years for the condition to develop. Sometimes the condition becomes so severe that even a simple sneeze or cough will be able to cause a fracture in the rib or damage to the bones in the spine.

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What Is Osteoporosis ?