How Often Do You Need A Pneumonia Vaccine ?  

Pneumonia is a respiratory disease affecting the lungs. The person’s suffers from lung inflammation. Symptoms like fever and chills are often associated with chest and abdominal pain. Unproductive cough and nausea are common symptoms. Lethargy is also observed.

Elderly adults, younger children, people suffering from reduced immunity, asthmatics, pregnant women and babies are vulnerable to pneumonia. The severity of the disease varies from one person to the other. The individual’s immune system and age play a crucial role here.

It is advisable to administer pneumonia vaccination to children below two years of age. The effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time. The child will have to take a second dose of vaccination ten to fifteen years later. The second dose of vaccination is not as effective or powerful as the first one.

For elderly adults, anyone above the age 65 years has to take a dose of pneumonia vaccination irrespective of whether the person has taken a vaccination earlier in life or not. Vaccination has to be administered even if the individual has already suffered a bout of pneumonia.

People suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, kidney failure and leukemia are particularly susceptible to pneumonia and have to get a vaccination. Certain races are more susceptible to pneumonia than others are. Native Americans and Alaskan natives are particularly vulnerable and have to take vaccination because of their genetic make up. The biggest disadvantage of pneumonia vaccination is the failure to detect its efficiency and functioning after being administered. It is very difficult to determine whether the vaccination is still functioning in the body.  

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How Often Do You Need A Pneumonia Vaccine ?




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How Often Do You Need A Pneumonia Vaccine ? )
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