Avoid Dangerous Health Risks On Airline Flight

Avoid Dangerous Health Risks On Airline Flight

In today's world, the easiest way of getting around is flying. However, flying has its own risks and these risks are associated with your health. The way your body reacts to the plane's artificial environment and air pressure can lead to dangerous health conditions. However, here are some tips that can help you avoid dangerous health risks on airline flight.

Most dangerous health risks on airline flight come from long distance flight and out of these risks you have to pay special attention to venous thromboembolism. This is a condition where a blood clot forms in the vein of the leg and then travels to the lung.

In long distance flight, a person cannot move like normal and is often sitting in one position. That is why this venous thromboembolism is seen more in travelers flying coach and it has been linked to lack of movement during the flight.

The risk of developing venous thromboembolism is highest in flights that are eight hours of more. However, you can avoid this dangerous condition by drinking lots of fluids during the flight, walking through the cabin, changing your position while seated, not drinking alcohol, and wearing compression stockings.

There is evidence that taking aspirin one day before the flight and three days after the flight can reduce the risk of developing venous thromboembolism. However, you should first consult your doctor before embarking on a journey of self medication.

Other dangerous health risks of airline flight include contracting contagious diseases like measles, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), tuberculosis or influenza. These disease are spread as you will be spending long period of time in close proximity to others and if one passenger is infected, you can also come down with the disease. However, evidence shows that the risk of contracting disease is restricted to within two rows of the passenger who is infected. So, the best way to avoid infection is to sit away from a person who is visibly ill. You can request the flight attendant to change your seat.

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Avoid Dangerous Health Risks On Airline Flight