Common Food In East Asia  

East Asia basically refers to the Far East and envelops countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan. Years ago East Asia was known to us westerners as the Orient.

Even today, East Asia is synonymous with mystery. China is the biggest country in East Asia. China has influenced the history and culture of nearly all the countries in East Asia. China's writing system, religion and philosophy has played a major role in developing East Asia as it has always been considered to advanced society in terms of technology and culture, even in the ancient times.

However, the similarities between the countries of East Asia end there. Geographically East Asia is very diverse and different with deserts, paddy fields, beaches, and forests dotting the landscapes. In some countries of East Asia, you can see the domination of consumerism while in others you can see poverty and austerity. But one thing is common is in East Asia and that is food.

The common food in East Asia is rice. In fact, rice is a staple in entire East Asiatic region. Whether you go to China or Japan, you can be sure the common food in East Asia will be rice. You can get either plain rice, which is steamed, or you can opt for the popular and famous fried rice. In different countries, fried rice is prepared differently. However, it is usually prepared by combining rice with vegetables and meat. Occasionally on the coastal regions, seafood is added to the rice while in fruit growing areas, fruits can be added.

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Common Food In East Asia




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