Guide For Singles Travel Asia  

Singles travel is always scary because people are afraid to go on holidays on their own. However, just a little bit of awareness and take some precautions can ensure that singles travel is fun-filled and enjoyable. Here is a guide for singles travel to Asia, which is culturally different and diverse from western countries.

Guide for Singles Travel to Asia:
As singles traveler, it is best to stay in youth hostels or hostels run by Christian organizations. However, make sure that the youth hostels you choose to stay are reputable because many hostels in Asia, especially South East Asia can be front for certain activities of disrepute.

When it comes to local transportation in Asia, as singles traveler you should know that most taxis charge a fixed rate from the airport to the city center. That is why on arrival head to the information desk to figure out what it costs so that you are taken for a ride. Otherwise, you can use the airport bus, which most Asian countries offer, and this bus will drop you downtown.

When traveling around Asia as a singles traveler, remember staying healthy should be your key concern. This means that you should not consume uncooked food and drink water from the tap. Drink only bottled water but make sure that seal is intact when you purchase the bottle. Use the same water to brush your teeth as you can contract a disease using the impure water from the tap.

Most Asian countries are tourist-friendly. However, there are certain rules you should adhere to as a singles traveler in Asia. This means not walking alone in the night, avoiding deserted streets and areas during the night and day, choosing a travel companion after due consideration. In case you are lost, it is best to ask a shopkeeper for directions rather than showing everyone your state.

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Guide For Singles Travel Asia




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