Spread Of Civilizations In East Asia  

East Asia has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The spread of civilizations in East Asia is extremely interesting and fascinating. One of the oldest civilizations can be traced back to China, especially around 2500 BC. And then, there was the Shang dynasty in 1700 BC followed by the Zhou dynasty.

Although China saw many dynasties coming and going, civilization has such never ceased to be. This led to China inventing and discovering things like the compass, gun powder and Confucian.

However, the spread of civilizations in East Asia was not just restricted to China. Civilizations spread to countries like Japan, Vietnam and Korea, where the communities were influenced by the Chinese. These civilizations took the Chinese culture, architecture and religion and blended them successfully with their own forming completely new civilizations.

The spread of civilizations in East Asia saw the ancient Chinese civilization gradually emerging from farming and the art of pottery making along the Yellow River. This was the time that saw great advancements that led to towns and cities being formed, including the creation of written language and starting of trade between communities.

Of course the civilizations of East Asia started a long time ago but researchers are always keen to study them and discover as much as possible. The way the spread of civilizations in East Asia took place allows scientists to figure out a great deal about the ancient cultures and people of that time. It also gives a different perspective to how the current day cultures and civilizations are sustaining themselves.

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Spread Of Civilizations In East Asia




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