Animals In Cambodia  

Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. More than half the area of Cambodia is covered with forests. The southwestern coast of forests is rich with wildlife and greenery. Also the forests are very dense and thick here. Over the recent years there has been severe deforestation, and animal hunting that is causing the natural resources of Cambodia to deplete.

There is a wide variety of wildlife in Cambodia. Some of the animals you can see in the forests of the country are elephants, oxen, deer, tigers, bears, panthers and hundreds of poisonous snakes. Some of the rare birds are cormorants, parrots, cranes, pheasants, and wild ducks. These inhabit most of the forest area in the region.

The nature and science center of Cambodia reports that there are nearly 212 types of species of mammals, 536 types of birds, 240 types of reptiles and 850 types of fish and 435 types of marine fish.

Cambodia has severe problems with poaching and illegal hunting. These things have not been regulated and wildlife trade is becoming rampant in these parts. Deforestation and mining has led to the killing of several such animals. However, there is a lot of work being undertaken by conservation international and world wildlife fund for example to control the poaching activities in the country. Also, the country has a rich and diverse forest range where several species exist which have not been classified as yet. Also, the government is undertaking steps to preserve the forest area and control the mining activities.

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Animals In Cambodia




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