Places To Visit In Cambodia  

Cambodia is a place of scenic natural beauty and extraordinary ancient culture. As a visitor, you get to see and experience some of the most historically significant sites in the world.

Here are the places to visit in Cambodia:

  • Phnom Pehn - the capital city of Cambodia is the first place that visitors will be landing it or wanting to see. It ha a history that goes back to the 14th century hen it was first established. It is a lively city with a vibrant business community. Some of the best international retail outlets, hotels and restaurants are located here.
  • Angkor - This city is of cultural and historical importance. It is the seat of the Khmer Empire from the 9th up to the 12th century. Angkor has some of the most beautiful temples, actually more than one thousand of them. These temples lay in ruins for man y centuries until they were discovered in the early 19th century. The ruins of Angkor have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Battambang - This is Cambodia’s second largest city and it is a must to visit for it archeological marvels. The buildings here reflect a French and Cambodian style design.
  • Luang Prabang - Situated long the beautiful Mekong River, this active city has a history that goes back to the 6th century and in course of the following centuries, and it ended up becoming the capital of the Luang Prabang Kingdom. It has been declared a World Heritage because very beautiful temple complexes. Equally interesting are its art galleries.
  • Ratanakiri - This is a city that’s located in the north eastern part of Cambodia. It is a place of considerable natural beauty and biodiversity.
  • Siemréab - This city is has the second international airport, which is the Siem Reap International Airport. It is an active city and a prime tourist venue.

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Places To Visit In Cambodia




Religions-Of-Cambodia      The official religion of Cambodia is Buddhism and it has been followed by the people here from the fifth century. Since the thirteenth century, it was Theravada Buddhism that gained popularity and to this day, it is this form that is much followed by the people here. About 95 percent of the population is followers of Theravada Buddhism. More..




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