What Languages Are Spoken In Cambodia ?  

Cambodian or Khmer are the official language of Cambodia. It belongs to the Mon-Khmer (Austro-Asiatic) family of languages and is pretty confusing, hard to manage by most Westerners. The second most popular language in the 1990s was French. English was also introduced around this time.

However, people speak other languages such as Vietnamese, South Chinese and other languages belonging to different hill tribes.

Though the Khmer is the official language of the country; the ethnic Khmer people who live in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam speak the Khmer Dialect that is hardly understood by the Cambodian Khmer speakers. A single or double syllable is consisted in the Native Khmer words and though not inflicted, the derivation has a good source of affixes and infixes. The script of Khmer that is written has been taken from the south Indian Alphabet and has symbols which represent the 33 consonants, 24 dependent vowels, several diacritics and 12 independent vowels.

It has been attempted to standardize the language there are many words that have one or more spellings that are used. There are three stages into which the Khmer has been divided – the Old Khmer which belonged to the 7th century to the 12th century A.D. Middle Khmer from the twelfth to the 17th century A.D. and the modern Khmer which has been in existence from the seventeenth century till date. There are no specifications that the Old Khmer was the language used by people of Chenla or what language belonged to Funan; the early inscriptions found in Khmer at Angkor Borei is dated to a period from 611 A.D.

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What Languages Are Spoken In Cambodia




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