Location Of Mt Fuji  

Standing tall at 12,388 feet; Mt Fuji demonstrates an awesome view surrounded by 5 lakes, namely Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanakako, Lake Saiko, Lake Motosuko and Lake Shojiko. Mt Fuji is located on one of the largest islands of Japan, Honshu and is famous for its beauty and sacredness. Fuji-san, as it is popularly known in the local language, is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country and has been illustrated by many artists as a marvel of scenic beauty.

The picturesque view painted by the pink cherry blossoms on the mountain during spring is what gives the place its nickname, Konohana-Sakuahime which signifies "causing the blossom to bloom brightly".

Apart from natural beauty, Mt Fuji is well known for religious reasons as well. The summit houses several shrines, temples and torii gates. For those who believe in the sanctity of this mountain, climbing the summit is considered as a pilgrimage. The most conducive time of the year for this activity are the months of July and August, during which the snow melts away making the ascent convenient. However, before taking the plunge, one must be aware that the walk is quite steep and long. It takes approximately 8 hours to reach the top.

For the convenience of the pilgrims and hikers, there is provision of 10 stations commencing from the base to the top of the mountain. These stations are equipped with all basic facilities that help climbers rest and refresh themselves. 30 percent of the hikers are of foreign origin and despite its length; many rate it as one of the most cherished experiences of their lives. Some people especially begin their ascent early in the morning, just to view the breathtaking sunrise from the summit.

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Location Of Mt Fuji





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