What Type Of Government Does Laos Have ?  

The type of Government that Laos has is Communist. Laos was a traditional society till the year 1975 and it was ruled by a handful of powerful family members after 1975 it became a communist country after the Lao People’s Democratic Republic was founded.

Every five years a president is elected on the basis of two-thirds of votes of the National Assembly and the President has the power to appoint or dismiss the prime minister or any other members of the government with the approval of the National Assembly.

Though being a communist Laos was also referred to as the democracy of people and had a strong hold on factors such as traditions, politics and social behavior. The rich and influential people of the land ruled over the country and the people of lower strata served them. The older members of the family handed over the power of ruling the place to their successors and this was the type of system that was followed until 1975.

The Lao Loum, otherwise called the lowland Lao families, still has a great degree of influence in the country. The central government to this very day has to rely on the consents of local chieftains of certain tribes in order bring about any new changes.

The culture of politics in Laos is unique since it has the mixture of traditional politics. Approval of the local heads and the constitution which is communist makes it a different political culture in itself. The power remains with people who are significant and have a lot of clout and they in turn pass on the power to their families or to their friends.

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What Type Of Government Does Laos Have




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What Type Of Government Does Laos Have ? )
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