How Many Islands Does The Philippines Consist Of ?  

Philippines consist of 7,107 islands and it is an archipelagic country. The total area of land is an approximate 300,000 sq. km which is about 116,000 miles. The coastline, which stretches for 36,289 kilometers, makes Philippines the fifth longest coastline in the whole world.

The Philippine Sea borders Philippines on the eastern side; the western part is the South China Sea, the Celebes Sea is on the southern side. The northern part of Philippines is bordered by Taiwan and the Borneo Island stands a couple of hundred kilometers southeast of Philippines. In the south-southwest of Philippines is the Sulawesi and Moluccas and the eastern side of the island has Palau.

The islands are covered with mountains and have tropical rainforests and have active volcanoes. The Mount Apo is the highest mountain peak located in Mindanao Island and measures 2,954 meters that is about 9,692 feet above sea level; the River Cagayan is the longest river in located in the northern part of Luzon.

Philippines is rich in minerals due to the volcanoes present in the island and is the second largest place in the world after South Africa to have gold deposits. Copper is also found in abundance and it has the largest deposit of copper in the world; the other types of minerals found here are nickel, zinc and chromite.

Due to the coastal areas of Philippines, the animal and plant life is in great varieties; various birds, exotic plants, animals and aquatic life are found here. The climate here is tropical and normally stays hot and humid.

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How Many Islands Does The Philippines Consist Of




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How Many Islands Does The Philippines Consist Of ? )
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