Language Spoken In Philippines  

The ethnologue which studies lesser known languages to provide Bibles to the speakers have listed 175 different and distinct languages in Philippines. Out of the 175 languages only 171 are living languages whereas the other 4 have no speakers that are known to exist. It is believed that these 4 languages belonged to the Borneo-Philippines part of the Malayo-Polynesian language, which is a part of the language spoken by the Austronesian family of languages.

The constitution of Philippines in 1987 made Filipino and English the official language of Philippines. The De Facto of the Tagalog language is Filipino which is spoken primarily in Metro Manila and other regions that are urban. The Government uses Tagalog and English. Even the education, print, broadcast media and businesses make use of these two major languages for communication and script.

Important languages that are spoken in the Philippines are Hiligayon, llocano, Bicolano, and Cebuano. Other equally vital ones are Kapampangan, Tagalog, Pangasinan, llonggo, and Waray-Waray. People also speak Spanish and Arabic.

In addition to these languages, people also speak Kankana-ey, Maguindanao, Masbatenyo, Aklanon, Surigaonon, Tausug, Chavacano, Romblomanon, Zamboangueno, and Boholano. Most people speak Tagalog, about 22 million of them. The next most spoken language is Cebuano, which stands at 20 million.

The dominant religion of the country is Christianity, which constitutes about 80 percent of the population. The remaining 5 percent to 10 percent are followers of Islam.

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Language Spoken In Philippines




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