List Of Mountains In The Philippines  

Mountains have always fascinated many, and Philippines has the best of mountains that one can find around the world. Here is a list of the top ten mountains that one can find in the Philippines.

List of Mountains in the Philippines:

  • Mount Apo: The highest mountain located in Davao Del Sur in Mindanao of Philippines and is the most dormant of all volcanic mountains found here. There has not been any kind of eruptions from this mountain for a long time. However, the country folk believe that inside the mountain something seems to be going on. The mountain has tiny cracks of sulfur and the undeniable facts of vibrations that come from the earth. There are three peaks on Mount Apo and the thick growth of foliage makes it slippery due to the moss. Many species of wild animals are found here and one even has the chance to spot the world famous monkey-eating eagle also called the Philippine Eagle here.
  • Mount Pinatubo: An unfamiliar mountain which suddenly sprang into the limelight due to the eruptions that took place in 1991 after staying dormant for nearly 500 years. Mount Pinatubo was taller than what it was before the explosions and now it is much simpler to scale this peak because of this. The mountain which was green due to the foliage has now become grey after the ashes have erupted from the crater and the lahar also known as the mudflows from the volcanic eruptions after heavy rains.
  • Some of the other famous mountains here are Mount Pulag, which is also the third highest in Philippines, Mount Pico de Loro, Mount Guiting-guiting, Mount Banahaw, Mount Kanlaon, Mount Mariveles, Mount Daguldol and Mount Makiling.

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List Of Mountains In The Philippines




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