Weather In Philippines  

The weather condition in the Philippines is predominated by the southwest monsoon and the northeast monsoon winds. It is this fundamental aspect that influences the weather in this beautiful country. The southwest monsoon winds called the 'habagat' are felt from May to October, while 'amihan' or the northeast monsoon stays from the month of November to the former part of May.

The rainy season ranges between June and October with the maximum probability from July to September. However, like all parts of the world, the seasons at Philippines are also demonstrating fluctuations with the rains shifting forward almost to the last month of the year.

Places such as Eastern Mindanao, Southern Leyte, Eastern Samar and Southeast Luzon experience rain from December through March, while rain at Bohol, Negros and Cebu is quite unpredictable but is not a matter of concern as the intensity is rather low. The regions of Luzon and the Visayas are prone to typhoons, referred to as 'bagyo', from June to November causing tremendous damage to property every year. May stands out as the month with maximum temperatures of about 38 degree Celsius. The most pleasant time of the year is marked by the beginning months, January and February.

The weather conditions are most conducive in the Philippines from January through May. Consequently, these months are high on tourism and therefore the accommodation prices are at their highest as well. The same goes for the Holy Week and the New Year.

Lodging is the least expensive during the months between June and September owing to the rains. It is advisable to avoid the months from June to December due to the typhoons.  

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Weather In Philippines




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