What Type Of Government Does The Philippines Have ?  

The Republic of Philippines is situated in Southeast Asia and comprises of 7,107 islands. These islands are categorized into three geographical groups namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The country’s total population that is approximately 92 million, and this makes the Philippines the twelfth most populated country in the world.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The weather conditions prevalent in the country aid in the biodiversity of the place. The country is inhabited by people of various cultures and traditions.

History going back to the prehistoric era illustrates the presence of the Negritos as the primary inhabitants of the country. The Austronesians followed subsequently adding touches of Malay, Hindu and Islamic beliefs. Soon after, the Chinese culture crept in owing to trade relations.

The year 1521 marked the beginning of the influence of the Spanish. In the twentieth century, the US took over the reigns of the country. Till today, the country’s usage of English as a predominant language and inclination towards the Western culture is known to be a consequence of the influence of the US that lasted till the culmination of the Second World War.

The government set up in the Philippines is presidential and unitary in nature. The President, elected by popular voting is the supreme power presiding over the state, government and all armed forces. The tenure of the President is 6 years. The bicameral Congress incorporates the Senate and the House of Representatives. The members of the Senate form the upper house, and stay in tenure for a period of 6 years, while those part of the House of Representatives are said to be in the lower house with an elected tenure of 3 years. The Chief Justice heads the judicial system. The Supreme Court has the Chief Justice and 14 associate justices on roll. The President of the country has the power to select the associate justices from names recommended by the Judicial and Bar Council.

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What Type Of Government Does The Philippines Have




Where-Are-The-Philippines-Located      The Republic of Philippines is located in Southeast Asia amidst China and Indonesia, with a length of 1851 kilometers SSE-NNW and width of 1062 kilometers ENE-WSW. The South China Sea is prevalent between Philippines and the mainland of Asia. The Bashi Channel demarks the country from Taiwan in the northern region, while the Balabac Strait and the Sibutu Passage separate the Philippines from Malaysia in the South West. The total coastline of Phillippines is 36,289 kilometers. More..




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