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The name Singapore or Lion City owes its origin to the Sumatran prince, Sri Vijayan who mistook an animal for a lion while on a visit to the island in the fourteenth century. On August 9, 1965, Singapore became a sovereign and independent country.

The total area occupied by the country is 692.7 square kilometers with an estimated population of 435 million as recorded in July 2004. There is little variation in the temperature throughout the year with the average temperature being 26.7 degree Celsius. The humidity level is about 84.4 percent.

An analysis of the population reveals 76.7 percent of the inhabitants to be of Chinese origin, 13.9 percent are Malay, 7.9 percent are Indians and 1.5 percent belongs to miscellaneous countries. As a consequence of this blend of people; Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), Tamil and English are the four official languages of the nation. As for religion, there are 31 percent Taoists, 28 percent Buddhists, 18 percent Muslims, 10 percent Christians and 4 percent Hindus. The lion head in red is the national symbol, and Vanda Miss Joaquim represents the national flower.

The nation is a republic with a parliamentary form of government. The general literacy rate evaluated in the year 2002 stands to be 93.7 percent. The country has a flourishing economy with a high per capita and gross domestic product, or GDP. The primary industries prospering in the nation include shipping, banking, tourism, electrical, electronics, chemicals and oil refining. Singapore has an unemployment rate of just 4.4 percent. The cumulative numbers of vessels halting at the Singapore port are 142,745, while the air travels amount to 174,820. The island is known to be a food and shopping ecstasy. 

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Singapore Facts




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