Characteristics Of Music Of Thailand  

Geographically, Thailand is located at the conjuncture of China, India and Cambodia. Several trading routes with respect to Persia, Africa, Greece and Rome also transverse the nation. Therefore, it is not surprising that the music and musical instruments of Thailand owe their origin to many of these countries.

There are two different lines of thought with regard to the roots of the traditional Thai music. One opinion gives the credit to India since ancient historical records reflect a high degree of Indian influence on countries in Asia. A second hypothesis emphasizes that the music of Thailand was an endeavor of the Thais themselves.

As for the history of the music, the first authentic traces of traditional Thai music can be traced back to the Sukhothai period from 1238 to 1438. Although the conventional form of music has been given the honor of being a cultural heritage but the new generation is more inclined towards the trendy music forms hailing from Asian, American and European regions. However, to keep the richness of its culture alive, there are courses in traditional Thai music offered by The College of Dramatic Arts and other esteemed universities of Thailand.

The characteristics of Thai conventional music are rather unique with an immensely different musical scale that is responsible for its peculiarity. The pauses between all the notes are precisely equal. In relation to the western scale; while the pitch of all the notes is quite different from the ones in western music, the interval between a specific note and its octave is similar to the pattern followed in the west. The musical instruments can be bifurcated into 4 groups; plucked instruments, bowed string instruments, percussion instruments and woodwind instruments.

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Characteristics Of Music Of Thailand




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