Culture Of Thailand People  

The culture of Thailand primarily encircles around its music, dance and drama. The fundamental characteristic reflecting the country’s culture is tolerance and amiability. A cordial relationship is perceived amidst all age groups, economic strata and social set ups.

One of the basic forms of greeting in Thailand is signified by the gesture 'Wai' that involves putting the palms together similar to the mannerism of praying, bowing a little and saying the word 'Sawadee'. As part of the culture, those younger in age or social status are expected to initiate the gesture.

The people of Thailand believe in living life by the day. They enjoy each moment that comes by and are essentially light hearted people. No wonder, most Thais have a perpetual smile on their faces! One of the predominant aspects of the Thai culture is the notion of face saving. As an inherent characteristic or norm of society, people avoid confrontations or any kind of aggressive behavior. Public image is of prime importance in Thai culture, and the Thais will go to any length to shield it.

The social structure is broadly divided into the 'Phu Yai' or the big people and the 'Phu Noi' or the little people. While displaying respect towards the Phu Yai is expected from the Phu Noi, the Phu Yai are suppose to reciprocate the high regard by obliging the Phu Noi with protection or any kind of assistance anticipated from them.

The Thai culture has very little value for time. Deadlines are regularly overshot, appointments are delayed and any type of service is seldom on time. As for marriages, monks are generally consulted for suggesting an auspicious date for the occasion. The wedding apparel is inspired by the West. The ceremony could be Buddhist or non-Buddhist in style depending on individual family traditions.   

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Culture Of Thailand People




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