History Of Thailand  

During the sixth century, the people of Thailand started settling in their current home country. The western part was almost occupied by the thirteen century. The next four hundred years was a constant struggle for the inhabitants who fought with the Cambodians and Burmese.

Thailand was earlier known as Siam. In 1939, the country got its current name which literally means Free Land. Thailand never suffered colonization by the foreign countries.

In the year 1824, the British gained some control over Thailand but within a very short period of time, the Anglo-French agreement was made in 1896 that finally granted independence to Thailand. By 1932, monarchy was discouraged and gradually, a system of representative governance was established.

During the Second World War, Thailand was attacked by Japan. By 1941, the Japanese used Thailand as the stage for the campaigning against Malaya. In 1944, once the pro-Japanese governance came to an end, Thailand abandoned the war that was declared in 1942 against the US and Britain.

The late years of 1960s saw more problems stemming from the neighboring countries of Thailand -- Vietnam and Cambodia. Since 1950, Thailand had obtained 2 billion dollars from the US for the purpose of military and economic aid. After being paid by the US, the country sent military troupes to Vietnam. Also, it allowed the US troops to set up the bombing base at Thailand.

However, when South Vietnam and Cambodia collapsed in the year 1975, the country changed its diplomatic stand rapidly. In the year 1976, almost 23,000 military officers of the US were withdrawn from Thailand.

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History Of Thailand




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