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Thailand occupies the heart of Southeast Asian region and is a gateway to Southern China, Indochina and Myanmar. It is geographically divided into four regions -- mountains, rice fields, farm lands and tropical islands.

International tourism in Thailand was highly affected due to SARS in the year 2003 followed by Tsunami and bird flu in 2004. It was not until 2008 that the number of tourists gradually increased to about 14 million.

Again, tourism in Thailand suffered in 2008 due to high rate in loss of revenue as well as jobs. The spirit of traveling was dampened due to the recession that hit all over the world the same year. Suvarnabhumi Airport was closed. In addition, the country suffered many political disturbances.

During April 2009, the East Asia Summit was cancelled due to mob attack which resulted in world leaders seeking emergency protection. Violent riots and protestation followed which resulted in declaration of emergency situation by the Prime minister. This lasted for around 2 weeks. Around the same time, declaration of the swine flu further reduced the number of tourists visiting Thailand.

Tourism in Thailand accounts for about 6.5 percent of the nation’s GDP. Compared to other service industries, the revenue brought by this sector is not very commendable. In the year 2008, international tourism brought in 547 billion Baht which accounts to about 16 billion dollars in the US. On an average, foreign visitors spent about 9 days in Thailand.

Interestingly, Thailand attracts local tourists who spend about 2 days on an average on travel. However, they are budget travelers who spend lesser time and money during their local trips.

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Statistics On Thailand Tourism




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