When Did Siam Become Thailand ?  

Thailand was earlier known as Siam. However, in the year 1939, on June 23, the name was modified to Thailand. The country was named back to Siam between the years 1945 and 1949. After this period, the name Thailand was adopted once again.

In Thai language, the word 'Tai' means “free”. Hence, many people believed, the name Thailand is derived from the word 'Tai'. However, this interpretation is generally not considered to be true. A popular Thai scholar mentions that Tai simply means human beings or people in general. Thai was the name of a cultural group that occupied the central plains of the region. However, with the meaning of Tai set as free in the minds of the local inhabitants, Thailand came to be known literally as the 'Land for free' for its proud inhabitants.

The country did not suffer colonization or long term invasion from countries abroad. This is because the rulers gave beneficial concessions to some European powers during that time, particularly Great Britain. Since the colonial powers were satisfied with the arrangements, they did not want to invade Thailand. In fact, the colonial powers were so happy that they did not want to establish their rule in the country.

Though the British gained some control in 1824, the Anglo-French agreement signed in 1896 declared the country to be independent from then on. With the system of representative governance established by the year 1932, monarchy came to be discouraged by the people.

The name game for Thailand is still going on. Currently, an academic in Bangkok has filed another petition to change the name of the country, back to its original name -- Siam!

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When Did Siam Become Thailand




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