What Caused The Vietnam War ?  

The Vietnam War, also called the Second Indochina War, is believed to be a continuation of the first Indochinese War. The first war between Vietnam and France started in the year 1946 and continued up to 1954. Vietnam won the war, and the French had to agree to the country’s demands.More...

Why Did The Us Enter The Vietnam War ?

Why Did The Us Enter The Vietnam War

In the 1970s, communism was a growing culture and several advanced countries were fighting it. They saw a bigger danger in communism and therefore wanted to control it before it replaced democracy. The main reason why the US entered the Vietnam War was to control communism.More...


Who Won The Vietnam War ?

Who Won The Vietnam War

After several years of war even today the question on who really won the Vietnam War is still unanswered. The Vietnam War ended on 30 April of 1975 after a long fight. Saigon was captured by the communists and General Duong Vanh Minh surrendered to the North Vietnamese army.More...


Where Is The Vietnam Memorial Located ?

Where Is The Vietnam Memorial Located

The Vietnam War is perhaps one of the biggest wars in American history that the country fought. It was extremely difficult for the United States at that time as there was political unrest in the form of racial discrimination at its peak and also an external war to fight. Several soldiers lost their lives during the war, and many sons who left their home country never came back home.More...


What Is The Current Population Of Vietnam ?

What Is The Current Population Of Vietnam

Vietnam occupies a position in the top 20 most populated countries across the world. The country is a little bigger than New Mexico and is just about 40 kilometers wide in the central region.More...



Facts About Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Facts About Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is popularly referred to as The Wall or VV. It was established by Jan Scruggs. He served as an infantry corporal between the years 1969 and 1970. The memorial was constructed in order to acknowledge all those brave warriors (living or dead) who served during the Vietnam War.More...


Interesting Facts On Vietnam

Interesting Facts On Vietnam

Vietnam is a country belonging to the Southeast Asian region. It occupies a position in the top twenty highly populated countries around the world. There are many interesting and intriguing facts about the nation.More...





Famous-People-From-Vietnam      Although many people across the world know about Vietnam which is primarily due to Hollywood films, not many know that the country has its share of famous people. Vietnam is a host of famous people who have contributed immensely in various fields like arts, science, politics and religion. More..




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