Tips For Renting A Car In England  

If you are traveling to England and are planning to rent a car, you should make sure that you know the procedure. Here are some tips for renting a car in England, which will definitely prove useful to you.

Tips for Renting a Car in England:

  • If you are a senior, remember that in order to rent a car from a car rental agency depends on the policy of the agency. Most car rental agencies in England have a cut-off age of 75 years while others do not rent cars to seniors who are 70 years and above.
  • In order to rent a car in England, you need to have a valid driving license. You will also have to show your passport, copies of which will be taken by the agency.
  • Automatic transmissions in car are not common in England. You will have to pay more for renting a car with automatic transmission.
  • Try and opt for pre-paid gas fill option so that you do not have to worry about filling up the tank when returning the car to the rental agency. This option usually helps when you are pressed for time. In addition, pre-paid gas fill option is far cheaper than the penalty the rental agency will levy on you if you return the car without filling up the gas tank.
Remember most car rental agencies in England do offer you one way rental. Although this will be slightly higher than taking a two way rental but if you have no intention in returning to the destination from where you rented the car, it makes sense to opt for this type of rental.

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Tips For Renting A Car In England




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