Fun Things To Do In Rome  

            Rome, known for its gothic cathedrals and exotic locations, is the best place in Italy for some fun sightseeing and learning about ancient Roman culture and history.

              If your next holiday destination is Italy, do not miss a chance to enjoy the historical locations in Rome.

              Here are some fun sites that you should not miss if you are in Rome:

Borghese Gallery:
              Art lovers should not miss the Borghese Gallery as it has some great artistic masterpieces. The Borghese Gallery was created by the Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the 1620s. This villa is the queen of private collections in Europe and is situated in the heart of Rome’s most beautiful parks. Enchanting works of art include the Rape of Proserpine by Bernini, the famous ‘Deposition of Christ” by Raphael, Caravaggio’s David and Goliath besides many other baroque masterpieces.

The Coliseum:
              The most popular attraction is the Coliseum in Rome. This historical structure always has many tourists at any given season. While visiting this interesting place, do not miss the main arena where gladiators fought for their lives during the ancient ages.

The Piazza Venezia:
              If you are in Piazza Venezia, you will find the monument of Victor Emmanuel II. This imposing building was the symbol of Italy’s unification in 1870. You will also find an early renaissance palace called the Palazzo Venezia. The palace was once the headquarters of the dreaded fascist Mussolini.

Visit the Roman Forum:
              Ancient Rome had a major public area and marketplace here in the Roman Forum. Today it is an excavated area with famous sightseeing attractions including squares and public buildings.

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Fun Things To Do In Rome




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