Famous Landmark In Belgium  

The Kingdom of Belgium located in the continent of Europe has a valuable history and rich culture to boast of. When visiting the country, there are several places that should not be missed at any cost. The Royal Palace of Brussels represents the class and dignity of this nation. This palace is the official venue for administration of all political affairs.

The Royal Castle of Laeken is the residence of the royal family. The beauty of the Royal Palace cannot be defined in words and should therefore be certainly visited before leaving the country. The St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral illustrates the country’s architectural worth. Despite being built in the year 1047, this historic structure has survived the test of time only due to its superior architectural planning. No other country would possibly have such a unique landmark as the Manneken Pis of Belgium. This is a statue of a naked boy who is shown urinating into the bottom of the fountain. A visit to this spot would acquaint you with the innumerable stories related to the making of this statue.

Located in Antwerp, the Cathedral of Our Lady is another historic monument showcasing the splendor of gothic architecture and the amazing designs of Baroque paintings. The Citadel of Namur, also known as the Castle of Namur is another famous tourist location that stands in its original look, despite its destruction a number of times owing to the conflicts of the fifth century.

Another splendid landmark is the Atomium in Brussels. The way in which the various spheres are inter-linked to each other demonstrates the excellence of architecture in Belgium.

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Famous Landmark In Belgium




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