How Do I Get From Le Havre To Paris ?  

Le Havre is located along the English Channel, which is on the western coast of France. For all ships traveling to Paris, this is the most common port of entry. Paris and Le Havre are actually aligned with each other. Most cruises take you to Le Havre on the way back from Paris. Since Normandy is on the way, people also visit this magical place.

Le Havre is an ancient city which was built in the 16th century. However, it suffered several losses architecturally when it was bombed during the World War II. However, after the war, much of it has been restored, and today, it is listed as one of UNESCO‘s world heritage sites.

Le Havre is one of the most magnificent and exceptional cities in the world. The ancient historic structures not only are huge and beautiful, they also reveal several other things and aspects about city planning and construction methodologies of the past.

There are many ways to get from Paris to Le Havre. If you are taking a cruise, then you have nothing to worry as the ships will stop there. You can also take a cruise from Le Havre. There are also bus services from Paris to Le Havre. Buses run quite frequently, and you can get the bus schedule online.

Paris and Le Havre are also connected through the railroad, and the journey can actually be quite a scenic one. The train route is supposed to be exceptionally beautiful.

You can also choose to fly, but it would be a sheer waste of money unless you are pressed for time.

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How Do I Get From Le Havre To Paris




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How Do I Get From Le Havre To Paris ? )
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