Lithuania And La Provence Travel Guide  

La Provence is very famous for its gourmet restaurants. They have a great ambience, beautiful interiors and great food. You can taste a wide variety of cuisines actually, from Mediterranean, Polynesian, to French cuisines. The area has a rich culture and history coupled with street shopping and market places.

Provence also has the best vineyards and serves some world class wines to its visitors. People who visit Provence should forget about dieting and also plan on a week long stay to experience the world class cuisine. The best way to travel La Provence is by a car. You can drive through the pine and oaks lined forests and also picnic in the beautiful landscapes.

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. It is located on the banks of the Neris River and is also the culture capital of Europe. Vilnius is not a new founded city but has existed for several centuries. There are several air lines that fly to Lithuania. To travel within the city you need to take taxis. There are several things to do in Lithuania. You will find several similarities between Lithuania and Provence. The landscapes and city culture and the villages to visit may seem very interesting for you.

Lithuania is also well connected to several other countries like Dublin, Birmingham, Frankfurt and Copenhagen.

Vilnius can open up several options of tourism for you. Right from mountains and coast lines you can also visit the bars, pubs and nightlife here. Shopping is also the most preferred activity for tourists.

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Lithuania And La Provence Travel Guide




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