Tourist Information On Reims  

Reims is the champagne capital of the world. The most famous brands of champagnes are head quartered here. It is also famous for its villages and cathedrals. Reims is known as the City of Coronations and Champagne.

The cathedral of Reims was the main place for coronation of several French kings for thousands of years. So, it has a very great historical prominence. Reims is also famous for music festivals, and several international concerts are held here. The city hosts hundreds of concerts and some of them even have free entries. They are held in the most beautiful locations and gardens. The Saint Remi Basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also a venue for musical concerts.

People who travel to Reims should be prepared to walk a lot. The whole city can be explored on foot. It is the best way to do it also. Reims is well connected to other popular cities of France through trains. The TGV is the most popular one, and also a time saving way to travel. You can make advance bookings of your tickets. If you are visiting a place like Reims, you need to book your accommodation well in advance.

Reims has several historic places located around the city center. So, you do not actually have to travel much in the city. You can jut walk from one place to another and visit most places. However, if you would like to go champagne tasting, then you would need a car or a cab. Most of them are located in the outskirts. Champagne tasting is available only through appointments.

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Tourist Information On Reims




Travel-From-Reims-To-Airport      Reims is a beautiful city in of France, and it is located on the northern side of the country. It is famous for world class champagne and is officially known as the champagne capital of the world. Reims has played a very important role in the history of France for almost 1,000 years. Almost all the kings of France that ever ruled were coronated in the basilica located here. More..




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