Important Germany Telephone Numbers  

You are all set to tour Germany. If the bags are packed, make sure you double check your passport and important documents and papers. Besides these, there is one more thing that you need -- important Germany telephone numbers.

In case you are stuck somewhere or had a misfortune or even involved in an accident, you need to know whom to get in touch with and how. 

Make sure you dial the “0” in the beginning of the area codes if you are calling within the country. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask your German neighbor.

At the very top of your list should be the number for the police and the fire department which is 110 and 112 respectively.  However, 112 can also be used to call an ambulance.

In case, you need a number and you do not have it, call the Directory Enquiries. The number for national enquiries is 11833.  For international number, you can call 11834.  For the service in English, call 11837.  To get the international operator, dial 00-1188.

You can also get information if you dial 11881. This number can be dialed from your mobile phone also. 

To call the United States Embassy in Berlin dial 030/8329233. Dial 069/7535-0 to get the US consulate in Frankfurt.

Make two or more copies of the telephone numbers and keep them within easy reach such as your handbag, hand luggage and wallet.

For more telephone numbers, you can go to the local post office and look up their phone books. You can purchase phone cards, if you need them, at the post office.

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Important Germany Telephone Numbers




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