Unusual Facts On Germany  

You can read about Germany from travel books and magazines. You will get a lot of information no doubt. However, you might not find the following unusual facts on Germany that are listed below.

Did you know that the famous cuckoo clock was first made in Germany? It was in the 17th century that the clock with a bird popping out of it at intervals was made.

You are sure to visit the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. What is so unusual about this cathedral is that it took over 632 years to construct it.

You can find more than 5,000 brands of beer in Germany. To do justice to the amount of beer being manufactured, an average German will consume around 115 liters of beer per year. In Bavaria alone, the consumption rate is 170 liters a year. It should not come as a surprise because 53 percent of the breweries in Germany are located here.

Germans are also proud of the 1500 types of sausages they make. They also have 300 types of bread.

Germans are also the ones who have brought into existence the garden-gnome. 

Eau de Cologne or Cologne water is made in Cologne, Germany. It was invented as a medicine against the plague.

The tourists, who love the excitement of fast drives, will surely love to drive down the highways or Autobahn as there is no speed limit.  

Although Germany is united now, a lot of jokes about the East Germans, the “Ossies” and the West Germans, the “Wessies” are quite commonly heard.

The Volkswagen Beetle owes its existence to Adolf Hitler among many others.

The German BMW Z3 was manufactured outside Germany.

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Unusual Facts On Germany




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