What Effects Did The Berlin Wall Have On Germany ?  

The Berlin Wall did not do anyone any favor. It was erected by the East German authorities to protect them against western influence or so they said. In truth, it was mainly built to keep the East Germans from going over to the West.

Railways, underground railways and roads were split. The splits were also on a deeper level as families were separated, friends could not see each other, and East Germans could not get a job in the economically stronger West to improve their family income.

The West was affected by losing all its skilled workers to the East. The West was affected by becoming an island city surrounded by East Germany on all sides. They would have suffered a lot during the Berlin Blockade if the Berlin Airlift had not come to the rescue. 

During its existence, the Berlin Wall saw the deaths of so many Berliners who were trying to escape over to the better sectors of the West. If people were caught while trying to escape, they were put in prison for 5 years.

Even today, after the Wall has been torn down, one can still feel its evil influence of separation. There are still differences between the East Germans and the West Germans.  The West Germans complain that their jobs are being taken over by the Easterners who are more than willing to work for lower wages. The East Germans complain that they are not as highly paid as the Westerners, and are treated as second class citizens.

No doubt, the effects of the Berlin Wall may take some more time to vanish completely from the hearts and minds of Germans.

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What Effects Did The Berlin Wall Have On Germany




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What Effects Did The Berlin Wall Have On Germany ? )
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