Museum For Communications In Frankfurt  

The Museum for Communications in Frankfurt is well worth a visit. It provides a visitor with a comprehensive account of the history of communications. It is one of the oldest museums in the country, and was founded in 1958.  It was originally the Federal Postal Museum. In 1990, it moved into a new building with four floors.

You will find yourself unexpectedly confronted with sheep made from old telephones standing inside the museum. 

Different types of communication are exhibited here under different themes. It explains in great detail all about communication. You can even go on a guided tour. Tours are arranged for every age group, right from preschoolers to the adults. There are presentation of films and readings also for the interested ones. To make your day at the museum fun, various events are organized with games and parties. 

Be sure to take a good at the “Signs, Writing and News” section. There is a detailed depiction of ancient Mesopotamian writing tablets and traces the history of writing letters up to today’s postal service. Learn about cargo transport and travel in the “Letter and package area”. It also has a thorough collection of exhibits on telegraphy, radio, television, telephone and the new media. You can learn in length about the technical and cultural development of communication.

Even art lovers will not be disappointed at the Museum of Communications with its art collection comprising of paintings, sculptures and photographs.

There is something for everyone, and one can spend a rich and fruitful day here at the museum.

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Museum For Communications In Frankfurt




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