Day Trips From Munich To Rothenburg  

When in Munich, organize a trip to Rothenburg, which is only about 4 hours away. You can get there by train or go even by car. A car might take you there in 2.5 hours.  However, the center of Rothenburg is a vehicle free zone. So, it makes sense to take a train to get there.

Keep your eyes on the scenery while traveling as you will get to see many castles on mountaintops. Take a guided tour so that you can explore all the villages and towns on the way. Castles, places with medieval settings and lush surroundings will enrich your day trip. 

Rothenburg is itself a well preserved medieval town. The small town is surrounded by a wall, and the place is undoubtedly the most romantic place one can visit. So, the first stop at Harburg is sure to be exciting as it is known to be the best castle in the whole of Germany. It is also the oldest and largest castle in southern Germany. The castle is well preserved for tourists to get an idea of how things were in the days gone by.

Get your souvenirs at the market place or marktplatz. Stop at the Kathe Wolhfahrt Christmas Store on Herrngasse from where you can buy Christmas items all year round. Also visit the Rothenburg History Museum and the gothic St. Jakob’s Church. 

When you go on an escorted guided day trip, you can explore leisurely at your own pace.  The medieval atmosphere of Rothenburg can be taken in best when you spend a whole day there.

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Day Trips From Munich To Rothenburg




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